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Personalized Bridal Styling by Style to the Aisle has arrived!

Do you need help deciding how to style and personalize your wedding dress? Or perhaps you’re looking for help finding an unforgettable rehearsal dinner, reception party, bridal shower, or engagement photo look from head to toe? First you’ll be matched with your new Bridal Bestie, aka one of our expert bridal stylists. Then your stylist will help bring your dream wedding style to life. We are here to help brides-to-be like you accessorize and complete your wedding look. Or create a complete look from scratch, (wedding, reception, rehearsal, shower) dress and all!

Our Styling Process

Our stylists have been helping brides find their unique and unforgettable wedding dress in our boutiques since 2012. Over the past eight years, we’ve developed our signature styling process to keep the search inspiring, effortless, and fun for everyone. We’ve intentionally designed this virtual approach with the same experience in mind. We’ll start with a quiz followed by a call to get to know you, your personal style, your wedding/love story, and what you’re looking for. 

From Inspiration to Checked Off Your To-Do List

From there, your stylist will send you a mood board for inspiration and direction. We approach styling like stylists or designers begin a new creative project, with a moodboard that will be your wedding day style north star! This will be a small but mighty tool for you and your stylist throughout the creative process. Inspired by you, your moodboard, and any meaningful parts of your story we hear, we will begin selecting and refining our styling choices just for you with  accessories, shoes, clothing, undergarments, and/or personalization. We’ll create style boards designed with just you in mind to send your way. Chatting, revisions, and style, beauty, the dress process advice will be available until you feel like your look is magic. 

Stress and Overwhelm Free

Whether it’s for “the” dress, the shoes and jewelry for your dress, or the ultimate reception party style, our stylists will combine their passion and obsession for wedding fashion, hands-on industry experience and knowledge, and your personal style and story to create something that feels like the best, bridal version of you. Even if your wedding day style isn’t very bridal at all! You’ll feel confident, comfortable, and stress-free through the process achieving the style you’ve been dreaming of but can’t quite execute on your own. It’s been our career and passion to know not only what is fresh, unexpected, and stylish, yet timeless in the fashion world, but also how to help brides alleviate or bypass stress, overwhelm, and indecisiveness. 
Have you been looking for a modern, edgy white heel for your wedding day, but can’t decide between the 45 options online? Or can’t seem to find even one that feels different than what you’ve seen your other friends or social media acquaintances wear? Don’t know how to incorporate a meaningful family heirloom or tradition? We’ve got you. We’ve worked with nearly ten thousand brides one-on-one in our stores and we can’t wait to chat one-on-one with you. 

Most of all, we want this to be fun and empowering. You’ll get to celebrate and cherish this part of the engagement, wedding planning process. Whether it’s a part of the process you’re stressed over or that you’ve been waiting for, we hope this will be a cherished memory. 

What We Style

Whether you are looking for engagement photo, honeymoon, or wedding day style, we’ll approach it like our founder approaches creative direction for designers photo campaigns or our own photo shoots, how our buyers select the unique and beautiful wedding dresses at bridal fashion weeks in New York, Paris, and Barcelona, and how our bridal stylists help our brides find their wedding dresses in our store seven days a week.

If it’s for your bridesmaids, elopement, micro wedding, or just about anything related to celebrating your engagement and wedding day - we’re your secret styling weapon. We’ve got stylists just for you. No matter what your style is! Maybe you’re edgy, minimal, traditional, avant garde, quirky, modern, understated, bohemian, or even a little Jane Austen vibes. We’ll take your style, your parameters (timeline, budget, party size, location, whether, etc), and create a vision that feels fresh and breathtaking in a way that’s distinctively, you. 

What’s Included

Each styling package comes with: 

  • 1 on 1 consult (30-45 minutes) with our stylist package and styling questionnaire

  • Initial inspiration moodboards to set the vibe and tone(PS You can totally re-use this for other elements of wedding planning or hey, maybe even decorating your home)

  • Personalized, curated style board(s) for your completed look. These boards include shopping links to purchase exact items, or they can act as inspiration for what to look for instead as the styling picks are commitment free if you do not want to purchase after all. 

  • 1-2 Revisions Styling, beauty, timeline, tailoring, and expert advice 


The Details

Our styling services begin at $95 for your completed looks. All options are completely virtual and available for brides-to-be anywhere and no matter whether they bought their wedding dress from one of our shops or not.

  • $95 - The Finishing Touches. Accessories to match the outfit / dress you already have 

  • $175 - How to really make a statement. For complete looks outside of the wedding dress, this styling is for any wedding related outfit like rehearsal dinner, honeymoon packing, engagement photos, reception look, bachelorette or bridal shower party, the welcome party or farewell brunch. You name it! A Dress (or outfit), up to 3-5 accessories (shoes, earrings, necklace, clutch), and undergarments if needed. 

  • $75 Blind Date - If you aren’t ready for styling but just need a bridal stylist to talk to without the pressure of buying, we offer phone consults for $75 to help you know when, where, and what to shop for personalized to you. We’ve been asking brides heartfelt, not-so common questions to get to the heart of what they really want/should wear for almost a decade, and we can now help anyone in North America nail down where to shop, what to shop for, when to shop, how much to spend, what to bring and do, and more. We’ll share just about everything else we’ve learned that can help you feel comfortable, ready, and yes, maybe even excited to shop.

  • $$$ Please email us directly at if you are interested in personal styling even with choosing dresses to try and buy in person or online from our roladex of resources, plus styling for accessories and anything else needed to have the most fun, stylish, and memorable wedding and engagement style unique to you. We can give you direction, shop with you, send you options and lists, personalized to you specifically. This starts are $300 and raises based on personalization to your needs and desires.

  • All options are completely virtual and available for brides-to-be anywhere and no matter whether they bought their wedding dress from one of our shops or not.

Let's Work Together

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